Donna Susan

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July 2014 -  humorous old school acoustic folk-punk songwriter    Donna Susan at    Desmond's 


June 2014  -  with the audience spontaneously bursting into 
Donna Susan's sassy backing vocal line on the chorus.

    May 2014   -  pensive Americana songwriter Donna Susan at Desmond's
    Sept 2012 - Donna Susan at  Zirzamin. Raised  on punk, inspired by country
   more honest and haunting than any of the newbies recently relocated to Bushwick.

 March  2012 - Donna Susan raised the energy in the room with a knowing grin when she joined McCarty for one of her wry I-don’t-want-to-go-to-work numbers, with a typically droll lyric where she talks to her dreams, “And they talk back, they really don’t like when I act like that
Nov 2010 - authentically old school LES punk/folk acoustic rocker Donna Susan  Banjo Jim’s,
July 2004 - Donna Susan Halperin - I.M.E's feature songwriter at the C-Note,! GroupsJul 11, 2004 

NOBODY NEEDS TO KNOW original song

Donna on YouTube

Back up vocals - Jim Petrie Band