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Donna Susan Halperin was born in a Brooklyn hospital, winter 1961.
At age 2 her family moved to Oceanside Long Island, on a street beside the  Waukena Waterway.

In her youth Donna sang in the school chorus. She played violin in her school orchestras; switching to viola in 6th grade. Donna had a passion for acting as well enjoying parts in youth groups and summer camp.
Spring 1995, Donna moved to her apartment overlooking Tompkins Square Park.
It was during those years that her creative youth came rushing back into her spirit.
With the drive to be a theatre artist,  the next 4 years were dedicated to weekly classes at
HB Studio, studying basic performance techniques, scene study and advanced improvisation.
Donna has performed her solo show on stage to various audiences.
Mostly staying close to the lower east side of Manhattan, here are some venues where Donna has taken her show,

Desmond's Tavern
Otto's Shrunken Head
Bar 82
Banjo Jim's
The C-Note
Blue Lounge (Brooklyn)
Bar B

After attending a show at Otto's Shrunken Head, musician Jim Petrie invited Donna to perform as a back up vocalist in his new band.
The Jim Petrie Band, had their 1st performance at Arlene's Grocery, NYC, November 4, 2013.
Donna continued performing in the Jim Petrie Band bringing her to her 1st studio credit on a record by another artist.
Jim Petrie and the Dirty Dishes was released in 2017.

Contact: dsh@donnasusan.net